2017-08-30 07:53:18 by Glenorsven

Waddup Gamers?

Just thought I'd make this post to enlighten people about the current state of my work. I started animating more, but mainly test animations, so HOPEFULLY I should start making cartoons for real.

In the meantime, school is also about to start, and my end project will be about animation. This means I'm not sure how much time I'll be spending on that, and how much I can spend on nonsense (unless me final project is nonsense, which it'll probably be).

So yeah, that's life for me.

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The future of my animations

2015-12-21 19:54:25 by Glenorsven

Greetings, dear reader.

As you might've noticed, I call myself an animator BUT I don't have jack shit. What does this mean? I'm lazy as fuck. BUT HERE'S A GOOD THING TO KNOW! I have started multiple projects that I'll hopefully finish. These projects include two SleepyCast Animated Episodes and a Star Wars Episode 3 parody and even more little, worthless ideas. But I will do my best to finish them and make them look good enough for you all to admire!

Cheers, Sven

Commission work

2015-06-21 14:42:13 by Glenorsven

Greetings, dear reader.

I want to inform you that I have considered doing commission work, this could be for you if you're interested. You can contact me through this great site or my e-mail glenorsven@hotmail.com. I will draw pretty much everything, even though animals and women might be a problem for me, because I need to improve on that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers, Sven/Glenorsven/StorkComics